How to Make Forest Slime | Fun Activity for Kids

How to Make Slime | Slime Recipe | Crafts for KidsLearn how to spot animal tracks in the wild by creating a slime forest!

For this hands-on activity, I will teach you how to spot beaver and moose tracks in the wild. Then, I will show you how to make a slime forest, so you can create tracks with your animal figurines. This is a great way to teach kids about wildlife.

This project is ideal for children ages 4 and older with adult supervision. It takes about 20 minutes.

To make your gooey, slimy forest, you will need 1/4 cup clear school glue, green and yellow paint, a spoon, glitter, 1 cup liquid starch, a bowl, a tray and plastic animal toys. I have moose and beaver figurines in the video, but you can choose other wild animals.

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