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Brimming with humor and fun-loving characters, "Moose Mischief: A Pancake Surprise!" will delight and engage children. Get your copy today!


Moose Mischief: A Pancake Surprise!

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I think the best and only proof of a great children's book is, do the kids love it? "Moose Mischief: A Pancake Surprise!" is absolutely loved by our children. Not only do they love the cute story, they love the illustrations. Who doesn't love a moose anyway?

Kim Cimmiyotti

"Moose Mischief: A Pancake Surprise!" was a huge hit with my twin nephews. They wanted me to read it more and learn how to make pancakes. I recommend this for any little boy or girl. Would make a great gift and fun read.

Kay Owens

After just one read, this book became an immediate favorite of my 4-year-old daughter. Moose and Cooper are brought to life with the illustrations and the mischievous storyline gets her excited each time.

Rayna Jackson

I highly recommend "Moose Mischief: A Pancake Surprise!" as a great book for kids. I bought a few copies and have given them as gifts to children of friends or family members. Everyone has said it's a big hit as a bedtime story! The plot is funny and sweet, and the illustrations have been done with real care and creativity.

Stephanie Wells

"Moose Mischief: A Pancake Surprise!" has been a delight to read over and over to my kiddos! They love to take it into class to have their teachers read it as well!

Jen Carlson

My five-year-old daughter is now requesting stacks and stacks of pancakes like the moose makes! She always smiles through the whole story.

Jackie Schlumbohm

I love this book! It is such a funny, quirky story that preschoolers will really enjoy, and that adults will appreciate as well. The illustrations are also amazing! I cannot wait to see what adventures this boy and his moose friend have next.

Diane Navarrete

I love "Moose Mischief: A Pancake Surprise!" This adorable story about the adventure of these two friends is so fun to read. The characters are so lovable, and the author really makes the story come to life with her illustrations. I can't wait to read about their next adventure!

Samantha Albreaux

Moose Mischief is a fun, silly story that keeps kids laughing on every page. The unique and beautiful hand-painted art creates a wonderful world for Cooper and the moose. And I love how after all the silliness, Cooper's mom has a great lesson for them at the end.

Zach Powers

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Filled with playful words like scoffed, bellowed and boasted, “Moose Mischief: A Pancake Surprise!” builds children's growing vocabulary and strengthens their reading ability.

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"Moose Mischief: A Pancake Surprise!" is perfect for all ages! The comedic story contains excitement and suspense. It will instill a love for reading for years to come.

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The bright and playful illustrations done by hand contain lots of detail and enhance the fun storyline! Children can spend hours looking at the pictures, discovering new things.

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