Make Polar Bears Cards | Bubble Wrap Painting | Easy Crafts for Kids

DIY Christmas Cards | DIY Cards | Polar Bear Crafts | Polar Bear Cards | Crafts for Kids | Bubble Wrap Painting | Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting | Winter CraftsBubble wrap STOMP painting is so ridiculously fun!

In this how-to video, you will learn how to make cute polar bear cards. To create the snowy background for your cards, you'll get to stomp around in white paint wearing bubble wrap stockings!!

You can give these adorable DIY polar bear cards to your friends and family!! They are perfect for kids’ birthday party invitations, thank you cards, Christmas cards and Hanukkah cards.

This sensory activity is great for children ages 6 and older with adult supervision. It takes about 20 minutes to cover the poster board with white paint. Once the paint is dry, it takes 45 minutes to an hour to make the cards.

Before getting started, make sure you have the polar bear template. You will also need bubble wrap, white paint, scissors, white construction paper, blue poster board, markers, packaging tape, glue, plastic sheeting and a painting tray.

If you have a fantastic time making polar bear cards with me, like this children's craft video, share it with a friend and subscribe to my YouTube channel! For another super fun project that uses bubble wrap for painting, check out my snake craft!


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