How it Began

Hello Friends,

I came up with the idea for Moose Mischief® in 2010 after my husband, Peter, told me an endearing story about befriending a moose when he was a child. Peter grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska and one summer a moose started coming by his house every day around lunchtime to eat crabapples off the tree in his front yard. Realizing this, Peter made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and waited for the moose, so they could have lunch together. They soon became buddies!

Since I had wanted to write a children's book series for some time, I decided to pursue one about a boy named Cooper and his friend, the moose. I began writing and the first story that developed involved Cooper making pancakes for his mom's birthday with the help of a slightly unhelpful moose. l decided to name the series Moose Mischief® because I envision Cooper and the moose getting into lots of mischief! I am currently working on a "mischievous" story about the moose and Cooper's Hawaiian vacation, so be on the lookout for it!