Bunny Handprint and Footprint Art | Easter Crafts

Bunny Crafts | Easter Crafts | Rabbit Crafts | Crafts for Kids | Handprint Art | Footprint ArtSlather your hands and feet with paint and make an adorable Easter bunny! It’s sure fun having goopy paint between your fingers and toes!!

In this DIY kids’ craft, you will learn how to make a bunny. You will make handprints and footprints on watercolor paper with blue paint.

Your handprints will become the bunny’s ears, and your footprints will become its hind legs. Then, you will use construction paper to make the body of your rabbit.
For this paper bunny, you will need two sheets of blue construction paper, black, white and pink construction paper, watercolor paper, scissors, a black marker, a pencil, plastic sheeting, a paint tray, paint and glue.

If you have fun making this paper bunny rabbit with me, please like this DIY tutorial video, share it with a friend and subscribe to my YouTube channel! You may also like creating butterflies out of your footprints! They are super cute too! 

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