Make a Simple DIY Sundial | Easy Science for Kids

DIY Sundial | Science for Kids | Crafts for Kids | Science Project | Summer Crafts | Summer Activities for Kids | Fun Science Learn how to make an easy sundial to tell time in this fun tutorial video for kids!

To do this simple craft, kids will make a smiling paper sundial clock. For the sun's nose, they will use a pencil, which will act as the sundial's pointer.

When they're all done, kids will take their sundial outside and place it on the ground with the 12 pointing north. The pencil will cast a shadow onto the paper sun, showing the correct time.

This easy science project is ideal for children ages 5 and older with adult supervision. It takes about 30 minutes to complete.

To make this DIY sundial, you will need four sheets of 12" X 12" yellow cardstock paper, a drawing compass, glue, scissors, a black marker, large bobble eyes, a styrofoam or paper plate, a pencil for drawing, an unsharpened pencil and the sundial template.

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