Make Sidewalk Chalk | Summer Crafts

DIY Sidewalk Chalk | Crafts for Kids | Summer Crafts | Homemade Chalk | Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Make sidewalk chalk in the shape of cute animals! It's super easy and lots of fun!

In this DIY craft video, I will show you how to make sidewalk chalk using just a few simple ingredients. Homemade sidewalk chalk is the perfect DIY summer activity for kids! It can keep them entertained for hours. It will also encourage their creativity!

For the sidewalk chalk, you will need plastic spoons, craft sticks, paper or Styrofoam bowls, a measuring cup, paint, plaster of Paris and a silicone mold. If you would like to use the silicone mold that I use in the video, you can find it on Amazon.

This craft project is ideal for children ages 5 and older with adult supervision. It takes about 30 minutes to make the chalk and then at least four hours for it to dry.

Once the mold is dry, kids can use their imaginations to draw whatever their heart desires. They can draw silly pictures or use the chalk to create outdoor games such as hopscotch or four-square.

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