Make a Fox | Squirt Gun Painting | Easy Crafts for Kids

Fox Crafts | Squirt Gun Painting | Crafts for Kids | Easy Crafts | Kids Activity | Summer Crafts | Outdoor Activities for KidsFor this fun art and craft project, fill a squirt gun with paint, and learn how to make this cute fox!

This is the perfect outdoor activity for kids on a sunny spring or summer day!In this kids' DIY tutorial video, you will learn about foxes and then how to paint one using a squirt gun (water gun) filled with washable kids’ paint!

This simple art project is great for children ages 6 and older with adult supervision. It takes about 30-40 minutes to paint the watercolor paper using the squirt gun.

Once the paper is dry, it will take another 30 minutes to cut out and glue the fox together. Once your painting is complete, you’ll have the perfect decoration for your bedroom!

WARNING: Since this craft involves paint with squirt guns, an adult must be present. Children should not do this project alone. Children should never squirt the paint gun inside the house or at anyone.

Before getting started on this outdoor activity, make sure you have the fox template. You will also need squirt guns, glue, washable kids’ paint, bobble eyes, watercolor paper, black construction paper, tape, a pencil, plastic sheeting and white construction paper.

If you have fun making this fox with me, please like this children’s DIY craft video, share it with a friend and subscribe to my YouTube channel! For another fun outdoor craft project, try creating homemade sidewalk chalk with me. It's super easy!

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